Day 7

Teachers: »In the morning we visited the ‘St Benet monastery » then we headed towards the city center to experience the celebration of «  »St Jordi ». »
what is it?A catalan celebration which resembles the « Valentines day ». Men offer roses to women and women offer books to men.So there is a lot animations everywhere in the street with many roses and books to sell.

Students: »we went to sell roses and had fun in the city. »

In the afternoon, the students joined the teachers at the hotel to get ready for the big Final Comenius Festival.At 6Pm we went to the theatre and students from each country performed traditional dances or songs.It was fantastic! for the big Final all the Comenius students went on stage to Share a dance . Finally Myrna added a last personal message to the festival saying : « we’re no longer part of a Comenius project but now we form a Comenius family »

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