Day 6


On Thursday, at 8 am the group woke up. First, we took train to go and visit the Natural History Museum. At 1 pm, all of Comenius people went in a very luxurious and famous shopping centre which is HARRODS. Then, we took the Northern Line we stopped at Colindale to go eating in an Italian restaurant which was called THE FAT ANGELO.

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Afterward, we went back to school to attend the SCHOOL CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION. There were dances, drama play roles, choirs and many other great shows.

At the end, we made lots of friends. When we came back on the tube we took many pictures with ours new friends in other to have lots of memories.

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Finally, we decided to meet them again tomorrow for lunch because we didn’t want to say goodbye. So tomorrow, it will be the last time we see the Norwegian, Italian and the Spanish people.


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