Day 5


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On Wednesday, the group woke up at 6 am. We ate our breakfast, and took train to go to school. We played many activities which are: wrapping newspapers, the goal was to do a large tower with wrapped newspapers. We won this activity. Then, all the partners played a balance game, this game consisted in staying on one feet with closed the eyes. Also, we put chocolate on our forehead and we had to move it on our face to our mouth without our hands. We also did a game which was very fantastic because we went to ask questions to our partners and we were very happy to meet them. After, we played with a ball and it was like a baseball game. Anyway we did many other activities and we had a lot of fun.


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Then we went to London Town and first we took pictures in front of Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the Queen. We walked towards Trafalgar Square, but we were tired so we stopped in a restaurant and we ate ice cream. Afterward, it was a time to go to the musical. The name of the musical was “The Lion King” and it was interesting but long because we slept during some part of the musical…..But we liked it though because they had great voices.

Finally, we ate in a restaurant, and we were exhausted so we headed back to the hostel.


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