Construction européenne.

Sur quelle valeurs se fondent la construction européenne ? eu
Comment les européens construisent-ils un espace économique sans frontière ?

Construction UE (PDF 1Mo)

La construction européenne (PDF 1Mo)


Day 8

Bye bye Cataluna and thank you for this so wonderful week! Huge thanks to the catalan host families, Nuria and Mercè!

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Arrival in Paris

Visit of Paris, the program:

The Eiffel tower, Place de la concorde plus the view on th echamps Elysées and the « Arc de Triomphe », the Louvre and « Notre-Dame »

Such a busy day that everyone is exhausted

Day 7

Teachers: »In the morning we visited the ‘St Benet monastery » then we headed towards the city center to experience the celebration of «  »St Jordi ». »
what is it?A catalan celebration which resembles the « Valentines day ». Men offer roses to women and women offer books to men.So there is a lot animations everywhere in the street with many roses and books to sell.

Students: »we went to sell roses and had fun in the city. »

In the afternoon, the students joined the teachers at the hotel to get ready for the big Final Comenius Festival.At 6Pm we went to the theatre and students from each country performed traditional dances or songs.It was fantastic! for the big Final all the Comenius students went on stage to Share a dance . Finally Myrna added a last personal message to the festival saying : « we’re no longer part of a Comenius project but now we form a Comenius family »

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Day 5

Hello everybody

On wednesday we had the opportunity to go and visit Barcelona with a hundred of our friends: spanish,english,norwegian and italian students with all the Comenius teachers. It was fantastic!!!

First we saw the « Sagrada familia » and Mr Tellini explained us a little bit of history, then we headed towards « the Camp Nou » the second place that Catalan people worship…the FC Barça stadium.

After that at 2Pm we had lunch in Barceloneta by the sea and we decided we would do a little bit of shopping. At 5 PM each group had free time to visit downtown that’s how we manage to admire one of Gaudi’s house, « las Ramblas ».. Then we went through « La Boqueria » market where we tasted some delicious fruits and savoury things like some « jàmon »… and we just wandered through Barcelona’s small but typical streets. was great!

Finally we joined the whole group at 8PM  and came back in Manresa into our spanish host families. It was a very long but so interesting day!!!

Au programme, visite de Barcelone, le belvédère, le Camp Nou, la « Gaudi House », le marché « Boqueria », et la Sagrada Familia

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